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How to Make Air Fryer Chicken Wings

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  • Author: Mirriam Seddiq


Do you love chicken wings but don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Then you need to try this recipe! In just a few minutes, you can have delicious and crispy chicken wings that are healthier than the ones from your favorite restaurant. The secret is cornstarch – it helps to create a crispy coating on the wings. So how do you make air fryer chicken wings? Keep reading to find out!



2.5 Pounds of Chicken Wings



Black Pepper

MSG (optional, but delicious)


Red Pepper Hot Chutney (Or Sriracha)


1. Place corn startch in a mixing bowl. Crack good amount of black pepper and about 1 teaspoon of MSG and 1 tsp of salt. (Don’t worry about MSG it’ll be delicious)

2. Cover each wing nough to coat. You will end up throwing some away. Make sure each wing is covered well. Then, shake or tap each wing to get rid of any excess.

3. Lay wings flat on a tray and let sit for about 10-20 minutes. This step is crucial to get it crispy.

4. Then, spray your oil spray into air fryer basket. Place one layer of chicken wings in air fryer. Do not stack on top of each other. Usually will do 2-3 batches. Once loaded, then spray one more time on top.

5. Air fry total for 25 minutes. On my Cosori, I do 12 minutes, then flip, then cook the last 12 minutes.

6. While that is air-frying, make your sauce. This is simple. It is equal parts. One party hot pepper sauce to one part honey. Now you’ll want it to be hot so it can balance that ratio with the honey. I use 1/2 Cup of honey and 1/2 Cup of pepper sauce.

7. Place in a sauce pan and let warm up so they mixture flavors can really work into one another.

8. Take chicken wings out, place in a mixing bowl with the pepper-honey sauce, and toss.


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