About Mirriam

Hi. My name is Mirriam Seddiq. I immigrated with my family from Afghanistan in the early 70s, lived all around the New York area, and I have now settled in the DMV area. (District of Columbia-Maryland-Virginia)

I’ve been a criminal defense and immigration lawyer for over 20 years, but my life-long passion is cooking. I created this blog and my new YouTube channel so that I can share the beautiful food and drink from my home country.

I can’t wait to hear your comments. I can’t wait to hear from my Afghan brothers and sisters.


We will have fun.

If anything, I can promise we will have a good time. I want to create a community of people who love cooking, love Afghans, or are Afghans and love cooking. Please leave many comments on the YouTube Videos and Instagram! If you use a recipe, please leave a rating, it helps us with the Googles. 

You Will Learn About Afghans.

I’m not here just so you can print your recipes off and ignore my culture. I want you to learn about Afghans and how we live. How we talk. How we eat. I’ll even be speaking some in my native tongue. (Pashto!)

Delicious Food and Tea

Before I am done with you you are going to be a pro Afghan chef and you will also be able to make a decent pot of tea. We are going to explore all of the classic Afghan recipes. 

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