Afghan Recipes: Something Old and Something New

Here we will explore traditional Afghan recipes like borani banjan, kabuli pulao, and firini.

We will also explore my own creations like Afghan nachos, Afghan chicken kebab salad, and sheer chai firini stuffed donuts.

Here is a short article on the basics of Afghan food to get you started.

How to Make Masala Chai – Two Ways

Want to know how to make masala chai? I have two easy recipes on how to make this delicious heart-warming chai.

Instant Pot Chicken: Afghan Chicken Ghorma

Instant pot chicken recipes are so helpful. This recipe allows you to cook not only the chicken, but the rice in the Instant Pot, too.

Shorwa e Pacha – Cow’s Foot Soup

Shorwa e pacha is cow’s foot soup. The Instant Pot makes it a quick recipe full of bone broth nutrients. Great for a cold day.

Afghan Cooks Interviewed by New Lines Magazine

I was interviewed by New Lines Magazine. We discussed growing up as an immigrant in the US and experiencing Thanksgiving.