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Afghan Eggs

Afghan Eggs and Tomato

  • Author: MirriamSeddiq


Eggs (Best quality you can find)

Two Lemons

Olive Oil


Fresh Tomatoes

One Mild to Hot Pepper

Parsley for garnish

Green onion for garnish






Black Pepper

Dill Weed


Chili Powder




1. Slice Onions into Rings. Put oil in pan. Start cooking onions. Add water as needed. Add salt to pull out moisture.

2. Core tomatoes and chop, then add to onions. Same method. Keep adding water as needed, salt as needed. Remember, you are wanting to have a sauce for your delicious eggs to poach in!

3. As its cooked down, you add your spices (black pepper, turmeric, coriander, paprika, dill weed, chili powder)

4. After the onions, tomatoes, and spices have cooked down, I chop up a medium heat pepper (even bell would do) and add it to the mixture. (I want these a little more crispy)

5. Juice of one lemon into mixture. (Juice of second lemon goes in after done)

6. You will see that liquid gets cooked out of mixture. Keep adding enough liquid so the mixture can poach the eggs.

7. Now it is time to make little holes in your sauce to lay your eggs into so they can poach. Space them around the pan so they have enough space between them so they don’t break.

8. They’ll need to cook for about 4 minutes, covered, on medium. You really need to keep an eye on them. This will take practice. You just don’t want your eggs all rubbery and chalky.

9. Garnish the dish with sumac, cilantro, and the green onions.