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lamb kebab recipe

Lamb Kebab Recipe – Afghan Marinade Secrets Inside

  • Author: MirriamSeddiq


This Lamb Kebab Recipe is a secret in our family. My mom authorizes you to use this recipe but you may not share the recipe. You must convince your friends and family that you magically came up with this recipe on your own. It’s all in the marinade for this lamb. If you marinade right, you can’t hardly go wrong.


– Lamb (Cut into chunks)

– 1 jalapeno

– 2 cilantro bunches

– lemons

– kiwi

– onions (for onion juice)

– vinegar

– oil

– ginger garlic paste

– salt

– pepper

– char masala (see recipe above)

– coriander

– zataar (not-traditional, but I like it)

– cumin

– tumeric


1. Make the onion juice. pulverize onions in food processor, press onion juice through sieve)

2. Food process the following: cilantro, jalapeno, kiwi, lemon juice, spices, ginger garlic paste, avocado oil, vinegar, onion juice.

3.  Let marinade for 1, preferable 2 nights.

4. Grill over charcoal, wood, or a combination.

5. Served with fresh onions, tomatoes, and Afghan bread. Would be great with our salata recipe.


– Do not marinade less than 24 hours.

– Do not skip onion juice step.

– Do not put veggies on your meat kebabs.

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