Afghan Sheer Chai Recipe

Afghan Sheer Chai

If you learn any recipe that I make for you, you have to learn Afghan sheer chai. This is THE recipe. Afghans drink tea every day. When we drink our regular tea without milk, we don’t usually drink it sweet. But, when we make sheer chai we don’t hold back. We like it milky and sweet.

I find that if we make sheer chai we do not even need a dessert as it is very satisfying after a meal on its own.

I added a bunch of spices to this tea but the only real requirement is the cardamom. If you are not using cardamom, is it not an Afghan Sheer Chai.

Does your family or culture make a milk tea? How do you make it? Please leave a comment on our YouTube Channel. This recipe is part of our Ramadan recipe series which is on the channel as well. Enjoy the Sheer Chai!

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Afghan Sheer Chai

Afghan Sheer Chai Recipe

  • Author: MirriamSeddiq


Afghan Sheer Chai is the Afghan recipe to end all Afghan recipes. Learn how to make this and you will attract many Afghans. It is also a great recipe to win friends and influence people.

This sweet, milky, and spiced tea is great for after dinner or in the morning. We make it during suhoor, the meal before fasting during Ramadan.

Enjoy this Afghan Sheer Chai recipe.



1.5 C water

6 black tea bag or loose leaf (take tag off)

block of jaggery

cinnamon stick


star anise



2 C oat milk (to taste) 

1 C almond milk


1. Bring water to a boil.

2. Add tea bags. Let steep for many minutes. (gets dark brown)

3. Add oat milk and almond milk (can use one or the other or regular milk)

4. Add cracked cinnamon stick, two cracked cardamom pods, one clove, half star anise, and pinch of saffron.

5. Add jaggery cube and let dissolve. (to taste)(can use any type of sweetener)


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