Afghan Sheryakh Recipe

Afghan Sheryakh

Salaam everyone. This recipe for Afghan Sheryakh is going to be a family favorite. We found a really great Iranian chef on YouTube, Chef Kooroush. Go to his YouTube channel and subscribe. His ice cream recipe is just like you will get in many parts of Afghanistan or Iran. Click here for his video.

Wikipedia says that this ice cream likely dates back to 500 BCE to the Achaemenid Empire of Persia. It is said even Alexander the Great enjoyed Persian ice cream. You will see it being made and sold along the streets of Afghanistan and Iran.

Many foods and culture go back and forth over the Iran/Afghanistan border. Ice cream is one of those shared traditions. The frozen cream bits in this ice cream had a lovely rich chewy texture.

Some other versions of Afghan ice cream use corn starch and other methods to give the ice cream that special chewy “bite.” This recipe is fantastic because you don’t even have to start the ice cream from scratch! We have another ice cream recipe here that you might enjoy.

Enjoy this Afghan Sheryakh recipe.

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Afghan Sheryakh

Afghan Sheryakh

  • Author: MirriamSeddiq


Afghan Sheryakh ice cream is a unique treat if you had not had them before. They each offer a nice “chew” to them.

Let us know what you think when you try this recipe as compared to traditional American ice cream.


1.5QT French Vanilla Ice-Cream

4 fl oz 40% cream

1 tsp Salep or sahlap  

1 fl oz saffron

1 fl oz orange blossom water

½ fl oz rose water

1 oz slivered pistachio


1. Dump all of the ice cream into a large bowl (especially if you make my super large recipe from the screen 🙂 🙂

2. Poor the saffron infused water into it.

3. Poor the orange and rose water in.

4. Add pistachios.

5. Add cardamom.

6. Take cream and freeze in the bags flat in the freezer.

7. Take frozen cream and snip into pieces into the ice cream.

8. Enjoy the Afghan Sheryakh.

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