Leg of Lamb Marinade

written by Mirriam Seddiq
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Everyone gets excited when they see leg of lamb on the menu, right? Don’t you want to know the secret Leg of Lamb Marinade so that you can make that recipe right at home? You are in luck, I have an amazing recipe for you. We borrow from some age-old Afghan traditional spices to give you a succulent marinade that will have your family begging for more.

Back when I was younger growing up in the US as an Afghan refugee, you did not see much, if any, lamb in the major grocery stores. It was always “where’s the beef” or “pork, the other white meat.” American tastes are changing and, frankly, the makeup of the people of the country is changing too. Because of that, grocery stores are smart and they are carrying more lamb. We bought this leg of lamb at Food Giant.

This Leg of Lamb Marinade uses some traditional Afghan spices and marinade techniques but we usually lamb kebab our meat on the grill. If you make this recipe, make sure you or the butcher butterfly the leg of lamb. Otherwise, the meat will be too thick in places and will not cook evenly. If you love lamb, go get my recipes for lamb kebab onion juice marinade and our Kabuli pulao recipe (Afghan national dish).

In this episode we use Burlap and Barrel spices. We are an affiliate of theirs so if you buy through THIS LINK we get a small commission. But, you get superior spices so isn’t fair?

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Here is our recipe.

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Leg of Lamb Recipe

Leg of Lamb Marinade

  • Author: MirriamSeddiq


This leg of lamb marinade takes all of the spices you are used to me using for Afghan Cooks recipes. Leg of lamb is a luxurious cut of meat. Just don’t overcook it and make sure the meat is butterflied before you slap it on the grill.



1 Leg of Lamb

1.5 Cups of Yogurt

2 Teaspoons Salt

2 Teaspoons Turmeric

1 Tablespoon Coriander

2 Teaspoons Paprika

2 Teaspoons Garlic Powder

2 Teaspoons Cumin

2 Teaspoons Chili

1 Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper

1/4 Cup Lemon Juice

1/4 Cup Oil


  1. Mix all of the marinade ingredients together in a bowl.
  2. Cover your leg of lamb.
  3. Sit overnight in fridge.
  4. Before you grill, let meat sit out for 30 minutes to “relax.”


When you make this leg of lamb marinade do not, under any circumstances, marinade any less than 24 hours. You want this marinade to not only flavor your meat, but tenderize it. Also, don’t over cook it.

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Mirriam Seddiq

I am Mirriam Z. Seddiq, the Afghan Cook. I was born in Afghanistan and came to America as a when I was 18 months old. I am a criminal defense, personal injury, and immigration attorney. I started the first Muslim American Woman Political Action Committee, once owned a coffee shop and a restaurant, and currently am the CEO of the Komak Foundation which focuses its efforts on helping Afghan refugees.

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